Hey there sexy, my name is Kalani (Kuh-LAH-nee). I'm a 35 year old wife of a wealthy businessman, mother of two (a total MILF I might add...) and I want to talk to you about all of your kinky fantasies... It's hard when Sam travels - I get so lonely being home alone all day while the kids are at school! I get so restless - even when he's home he won't fuck me like I need to be fucked. That's what I need you for. Being home alone most of the time keeps me so sexually frustrated! I enjoy a wide range of fetishes, and I never turn down a roleplay... I can't tell my husband my sexual fantasies - he's so straight-laced! I'd love to tell you all about my kinky desires, and of course fulfill yours too... Until then, I'm going stir crazy waiting for your hot voice on the other line!

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